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At our studio, we have dedicated ourselves to the art of wedding photography for a combined total of 20 years. With a deep passion for our craft, we work as a seamless team, ensuring that every wedding we capture is a reflection of our high standards and artistic vision.

We want to emphasize that there are no differences in style or varying photographs between us. We have cultivated a consistent approach that is upheld by our entire team. Regardless of whether it's Gianluca or Mary personally capturing your special day, you can expect the same level of dedication, expertise, and breathtaking imagery.

With our years of experience, we have honed our skills and perfected our workflow to deliver outstanding results. We work closely together, collaborating seamlessly, and upholding our studio's unwavering standards. When it comes to weddings, we limit ourselves to a maximum of two events per day to ensure that we provide our undivided attention and deliver the highest quality service.


We take pride in our team's cohesion and reliability. In addition to Gianluca and Mary, we are supported by a group of talented photographers who have been working with us for years. They are integral members of our team, sharing our vision and passion for capturing unforgettable moments.

For larger events with a significant number of guests or intricate setups, our team may expand to include up to five photographers. This allows us to comprehensively cover every aspect and ensure that no detail is missed.

When you choose our studio, you are not just hiring a single photographer, but an experienced and cohesive team dedicated to preserving the beauty and emotion of your special day. We are committed to providing you with exceptional service, professionalism, and stunning imagery that will be cherished for a lifetime

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After 20 years of documenting weddings, Gianluca and Mary are open to a select number of weddings per year. Currently they are in the process of preparing their next masterclasses for innovative wedding photographers. Find out more HERE


Yves Saint Laurent said it first: Without elegance of heart, there is no elegance.
In 2001 we embarked on a quest to capture the true essence of elegance, love. Our journeys took us from our home in the South of Italy across three oceans, two desserts, a jungle, a tundra, and many glorious places in between. And as we've come to learn, elegance is about so much more than simply a word to adhere to. It is the way our couples love each other, the sparkle in their eyes and all that they cherish most. Elegance is a universal word that has the power to connect us, as we all seek after that elegant kind of love. We want to be good kin, good friends, good partners, and we always want to feel beautiful.


We must feel inspired in order to inspire, and when a seasoned designer and wedding planner embark on a spontaneous adventure through the tiny stone-walled roadways of Italy’s best-kept secret, its Southern region of Apulia, magical things can happen.

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