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The thrill of ruffles and silks, perfect light, and dazzling colors: A clean sheet for a new age together full of promises , in the heart of a dance. Everything is new, unexpected, unrecongnizable. Everything is to be thought, imagined, done, to be experienced anew. A wedding day that is a breath of fresh air, a deep refreshing lungful, in and out. An inspiration! For Gianluca and Mary Adovasio it is without a doubt: weddings are weaved in grace.


A devoted techie with a knack for great food and wonderful company. Before wedding photography became my metier, I worked in high-fashion, photographing collections for major international brands. I live in South Italy with my wife Mary and lifetime companion. I delight in everything artisanal and find the blend of fashion and portraiture intoxicating. Traveling the world where a profusion of cultures and scapes await to be discovered keeps me on my toes. I'm confident and feel at home in virtually any space. Families fascinate me. I'm blessed to have witnessed the lifetime romance of my parents, two amazing people, and the bond with my three brothers, as we have always shared everything and never had a fight. I always work to amplify my vision, visiting art exibitions, and if you really want to make me smile... give the man a tambourine!

Here's no summer without a piligrimage to the world's prettiest corners, where mellow scents come sweet in salty air. No matter what cameras we wedding photographers carry, be it the snap-snap of a digital medium, or that gentle shutter of analog, our presence in the moment is what will pass your legacy on. My love for delicate details and the allure of the smallest nuances, has me turn every experience into a tangible from of art. I've earned my stripes in Italy, with my fabulous family along the ride. I met Gianluca when we were school kids and we have been together ever since. When we're not traveling the world shooting weddings you'll find me cooking South Italian pasta, sharing vino and good laughs with Gianlu and our friends. Yes, you can call me a doting romantic but then what is a life well-spent, without sweet love on your side?

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After 20 years of documenting weddings, Gianluca and Mary are open to a select number of weddings per year. Currently they are in the process of preparing their next masterclasses for innovative wedding photographers. Find out more HERE




Yves Saint Laurent said it first: Without elegance of heart, there is no elegance.
In 2001 we embarked on a quest to capture the true essence of elegance, love. Our journeys took us from our home in the South of Italy across three oceans, two desserts, a jungle, a tundra, and many glorious places in between. And as we've come to learn, elegance is about so much more than simply a word to adhere to. It is the way our couples love each other, the sparkle in their eyes and all that they cherish most. Elegance is a universal word that has the power to connect us, as we all seek after that elegant kind of love. We want to be good kin, good friends, good partners, and we always want to feel beautiful.


We must feel inspired in order to inspire, and when a seasoned designer and wedding planner embark on a spontaneous adventure through the tiny stone-walled roadways of Italy’s best-kept secret, its Southern region of Apulia, magical things can happen.

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