In addition to the visible differences, tactile differences are also important: holding a cotton fiber or alfacellulose paper in your hand gives a totally different sensation compared to common photochemical papers in plastic material.

printing  technology

Fine art prints are made using professional printers ideal for photography, fine art and proofing, wider color gamut and brilliant and durable results. The use of these printers and the choice of high quality fine art inks and papers guarantee excellent results for long-lasting author's prints. From the fine art prints you can immediately perceive at a visual level the more intense colors, greater sharpness even in black and white printing, in which a dominance of color is completely lacking, a print consistency that is repeated from the first to the last copy.

Fine art

The Fine Art prints of Giclée Art are made by professional printers, ideal for photography, and they want to be the perfect balance between quality and feelings.



For Fine Art printing we mean an inkjet print made with sophisticated techniques. Performed with special inks (solvent and powder), it reproduces the entire tonal range, preserves the details in the shadows and highlights and obtains a deep black. The choice of the material on which to print is of fundamental importance, it concretizes the artist's intention allowing him to better convey the meaning of his work. This type of prints are exhibited and purchased by museums, galleries and collectors.

fine art


Hello Gianluca and Mary!
Thank you, thank you! so much for taking the most beautiful photos of our weekend. We just received the package from you a few days ago and have been looking at the photos again and again. And now the online gallery and instructions will be so helpful to easily share the photos with everyone. I can't tell you enough how grateful we are to have such wonderful memories captured in time so we can relive them.

Clarisse + David

A huge heartfelt thanks to Gianluca and Mary for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. They were so fun and friendly and we loved their company as much as their photos. One of our favourite memories of the day was the hour we spent roaming the streets of a tiny town in Puglia having our couple photos, sharing special moments together, and lots of laughs with Gianluca and Mary. Thank you.

Alyssa + Jonathan

Mary + Alex

Hi Gianluca and Mary,
Thank you thank you!!! We absolutely love our pictures and had such a fun time watching all of the slide shows. Thank you for being apart of our magical day! We are so lucky to have such great memories! Thank you again and love following you on Instagram!!

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Hi-tec objects, as smartphones and tablet, are hardly entered in our lives, they are an essential part of our living, almost an extension of ourselves. Of course these are extraordinary objects that let us comunicate without barriers. It is incredibile the fact that we can bring with us whole archives of memories that we can browse whenever we wont to

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