Being in the moment

Above all we have learned to document with a keen eye, to remain unobtrusive and be in the moment. Carefully pieced your wedding day collection will be curated so that every image captured endures. Your wedding images will come with a double identity. Your existence, perfectly real, palpable, the feelings there. But also the movement, the details, and the beauty, all present. Uniting the presumed differences between editorial and true emotion is not a secret we keep. As we work together, our symbiosis as artists meets yours and that of your celebration elements. Like your love story, it is all a matter of timing. 

At our clients’ request we are present, prior, throughout, and after their wedding events. Our approach as the days roll closer to the Big Day is to keep ourselves connected to everything that is about to happen, to provide guidance, lists of “to do” and “to have”, and share their enthusiasm, their expectations and feelings. 


Hello Gianluca and Mary!
THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for taking the most beautiful photos of our weekend. We just received the package from you a few days ago and have been looking at the photos again and again. And now the online gallery and instructions will be so helpful to easily share the photos with everyone. I can’t tell you enough how grateful we are to have such wonderful memories captured in time so we can relive them.
Clarissa & David


It’s a little hard not to be envious of Italian wedding photographer GIANLUCA ADOVASIO who has the most incredible landscapes and villages full of character on his doorstep! This husband and wife team share a passion for photography, and have a very natural style to their work. Living in the south of Italy they specialize in the use of film and medium format equipment, which provides magic and poetry to the end result. _ Magnolia Rouge 

Close your eyes and imagine a medieval Italian village, tucked in among the Tuscan hills. Imagine this is where you say your “I do’s” and start your very own happily ever after. Surreal, right? Now open your eyes and take a look at the gorgeous work from Gianluca and Mary Adovasio and see all those wedding dreams in real life._ Style Me Pretty