Discovery Light

Since its creation, our studio has entwined its destiny with numerous destinations across the world, riveting as our brides and grooms, charm-enfolding as our editorials and magazine cover shoots. New York, Los Angeles, London, Prague, Budapest, Santorini, Paros, Mykonos, Istanbul, Dubai, Paris, Bordeaux, Amman, The Dead Sea, Croatia .. our pool of wedding destinations is constantly replenished. 

Next on our travel-log is Asia, with Bali, Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong on our map, but also the immaculate U.S. and Cyprus. And yet, our travels do not so much measure each journey, as celebrate the couples we meet along the way. Time is regained, renewed with every beautiful wedding we document, keeping us in a perpetual creative drive. 

We are always delighted to harmoniously blend the heartbeat of a stirring affair with the buzz of a city, the unmatched beauty of an estate, or the wildly spectacular backdrop of an uspoilt island. We never stop chasing the light. And as light is something to be experienced, we invite you to discover it with us.