Il Borro Wedding Photographer / Enrica & Daniel

Il Borro Wedding Photographer / Enrica & Daniel

As soon as Enrica and Danny met at the tender age of 16, they knew they wanted to be together. As years together and a magnificent wedding prove, it was so much more than puppy love. Though based in Malta, nearby Italy holds special meaning for the couple. Having lived in Milan while Enrica earned her Master’s degree, they decided to return in 2017 for a Valentine’s Day dinner—and for what turned out to be a surprise proposal. “I wasn’t expecting a proposal because he always said he’d never do it in a restaurant, but he popped the question during dessert,” Enrica recalls. A little over a year-and-a-half later, they found themselves back in Italy—this time in Tuscany—turning their engagement into a marriage

Enrica isn’t surprised that Danny knew she’d love her engagement ring, which features an Asscher-cut center stone and smaller diamonds. “I think we’ve spent enough time together for him to know exactly what I liked,” she says of the husband she’s known since her teens.

As for the rest of her wedding-day jewelry? Enrica kept it simple, wearing only emerald-cut diamond earrings and her mother’s tennis bracelet.

We visit Italy quite frequently and have always mentioned that when the time comes, we should think about having a small wedding here,” Enrica says of what ultimately became a 220-guest celebration at the breathtaking Il Borro. And yes, that’s small by Maltese standards. “Maltese weddings are very big, with 500 to 700 guests, and that is something we wanted to avoid,” she says. “We wanted something much more intimate.”

The first time we visited Il Borro, we completely fell in love with the Italian garden and the view of the Borgo from there. I felt that it really told a Renaissance story,” Enrica recalls of their initial visit to the spectacular, award-winning Tuscan venue. “In fact, we didn’t look at another place after that.”

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