Olivia & Kris

Destination Wedding Photographer, Olivia & Kris wedding in Saint-Hilaire-de-Brethmas (FR) in Provence. A lovely wedding, which took place in the countryside of Provence, in a small town steeped in history. We flew in from Italy to Marseille and we headed to the location of the wedding, Comptoir Saint-Hilaire a beautiful villa in Provencal style. Olivia and Kris have booked the entire hotel, with friends spent a wonderful week before the wedding in this beautiful place. The Wedding Planner, Yollène Graindorge, was finishing decorating the tables for dinner, a nice smell coming from the kitchen where Jay from La Table d’L, was preparing dinner. Meet Kris, the groom, still in shorts and t-shirt, which takes us to the place where the ceremony will take place outdoors under the beautiful trees, a small wooden poles can be seen from a distance, the white sheets adorn the benches of wood, and the chairs are all different from each other are well aligned, ready to receive guests, all prepared by Camille from 2L Festivités. The florist, Fleurs Carré, is about placing the latest compositions and the band, Olivier Piot jazz band, does the sound ceck. We are approaching the chamber Olivia, where the door, can be seen hanging from a closet her beautiful wedding dress of the bride’s, the shoes of Olivia, from Navyboot are on the floor. Olivia and Gaëlle from K-LYPSO Coiffure, and is preparing the hair, the friends all around are preparing, a relaxed atmosphere, full of happiness and emotions …. start working with me to Matteo , which is the video, enjoy    ;)

wedding photographer_0113